Caddying (Looping)

We are looking for golfers, golf lovers, High School or Junior golfers and professional caddies interested in working at some of the best offices in town.  LOOPER is committed to growing the game of golf by providing caddies with the opportunity to work more often, on more courses, and the resources to advance their skills and income. 

Become a LOOPER:

  1. Sign-Up and Take The Caddie Certification Test! Caddies of all experience levels are welcome. Click on the link below to begin your LOOPER on-boarding process. You will be asked to Sign Up (Fill out a brief application) and take your Caddie Certification Test.
  2. Sign Up for a Local Orientation Session After you pass your Online Certification Test you must attend one Local Orientation Session in your area. Attendance is MANDATORY for all new LOOPER caddies (i.e. everyone). Before attending Orientation, download and sign your 1) Independent Contractor Agreement and Liability Waiver, 2) emergency contact form and 3) W9 tax form.
  3. Download The LOOPER App and Connect Bank Account Download the app (Looper Golf) on GooglePlay and iTunes, connect your bank account, set your availability, and start picking up LOOPS on YOUR schedule!