Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why would a facility want Loopers?

PGA Professionals are in the business of saying “YES” to their members/customers. LOOPER exists to help you say “YES” to a very specific request from your members/customers with a minimum of labor and investment on your part.

+ How do you recruit the caddies/Loopers?

We recruit our JR-LOOPERS from the community, local golf clubs, high school golf teams, and county golf organizations - including The First Tee, ReadyGolfAcademy, Loudon Junior Golf Association and the PGA Junior League.

We recruit caddies based on their attitude and knowledge of the game, and then expose them to the art and skills of caddying/Looping. We only certify caddies who share our core values of service, reliability and courtesy.

+ What is the training process and quality control?

As all caddies are independent contractors, we cannot train them. Rather we ensure they do everything they can to learn the game and trade on their own time. There are three phases to our caddie recruitment process with both online and on site requirements, followed by PGA Professional Staff at each course getting the final approval on all caddies.

  • Online material, videos and document study followed by online test.
  • We hold local caddie orientation sessions each week for our new certified caddies. Orientation includes detailed sessions on the LOOPER App, what courses and customers expect from their caddies, and LOOPER core values.
  • The club’s PGA Professionals are invited to join in the final phase of the recruitment and certification process to ensure that their club’s standards are upheld and to help the caddies deliver an outstanding experience unique to each club.

+ How are the caddies/Loopers paid?

Loopers are independent contractors and each sets up his/her own bank account and is paid through electronic transfer when each loop is finished (via the mobile app payment processing). Tips, if earned, are paid in cash in person following the end of the loop.

+ What responsibilities do "LOOPER-Friendly" clubs have?

We want you to set the standards and specific rules for your club. One example is choosing the times and location for the caddies to meet their golfers as well as any special requirements for uniforms or customer interaction.

Courses can also work with LOOPER to highlight food and beverage specials, merchandise sales, or anything the club would like a golfer to be made aware of during his/her round with a Looper.

+ Can we expect a loss in cart revenue?

Certainly a small number of riders may walk when presented with the option of a caddie. On the other hand, members spend more and stay longer at clubs where their wants and needs are fulfilled. With so many recreational choices fighting for your members’ time, we are a solution to empower the PGA Professional to say “YES” to the request for caddies.

+ What if a Looper doesn’t show up?

We understand the importance of reliability and service and only hire caddies who share our commitment. Rarely, there may be a situation when a caddie has an emergency that cannot be avoided. In these cases, we will do our best to locate a substitute caddie.

+ What if a golfer wants to cancel at the last minute?

They will incur a cancellation fee for cancellations inside of 24 hours. That fee can be applied 100% to their next round with LOOOPER.

+ How far in advance will our golfers need to request a Looper?

We ask for at least 24 hours advance notice in the first year. As supply of caddies increases we expect we can shorten the notice period needed to book a caddie to 'day of'.

+ What about LOOPER for Charity or Corporate Golf Outings?

Starting in June 2016 LOOPER will be able to field up to 36 caddies for a Weekday Corporate or Charity Outing. In addition to providing outstanding service and speeding up the round, Looper offers the ability to sponsor caddie bibs for your tournament - and who spends more time with your guests than a Caddie? Please contact us at or (804)-SHACK15 to schedule a Corporate Outing today.